Hauck AIG High Pressure Gas-Air Inspirator Mixers

Hauck AIG High Pressure Gas-Air Inspirator Mixers

Where high pressure gas from 1 to 30 psig (7 to 207 kPa) is available, Hauck AIG inspirators make it possible to utilize the energy of the gas to inspirate the necessary air for combustion. The high-pressure gas stream passing through the Venturi throat draws in the air, mixes it thoroughly with the gas and delivers the desired mixture at the inspirator outlet. In the Venturi mixer design, the air induced by the gas varies directly with the volume of gas flowing; thus the mixture or air-gas ratio is maintained over a wide range of gas capacities. The mixture is adjusted to give the desired flame by setting the air shutter. Control
is maintained with the single valve increasing or decreasing the gas pressure to the mixer, the air varying automatically with the gas.

Hauck AIG inspirators consist of the Venturi mixer with an adjustable air shutter and locking screw and easily removable spud
holder and spud. The complete unit is efficient, easily adjustable and ruggedly constructed.

The mixer air openings and shutter are streamlined to secure greater air entrainment and to reduce turbulence. The air shutter for
adjusting the induced air ratio can be rotated for forward or backward movement on the outer threaded part of the spud holder. All parts are made with extreme accuracy to ensure correct alignment.

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