Hauck ASC Anti-Surge Control System

Hauck ASC Anti-Surge Control System

Hauck’s Anti-Surge Control Systems (ASC) are designed to reduce surging pulsations that may disturb a combustion process at reduced air flows. These pulsations are most likely to occur in applications where it is necessary to keep the blower operating during periods of very small demand - periods that may call for as little as 10 to 20% of rated volume output of the blower. The system is comprised of a variable damper which is attached to the turbo blower inlet flange. Vane position is automatically determined by the system demand. Blower surge for a given blower is a function of the location f the main air control valve downstream of the blower discharge and the system operational requirements. Blower surge is automatically controlled by modulating the pressure drop across the inlet damper vanes, maintaining a constant discharge pressure. The operating point of each blower curve is kept to the right of the flow rate that would allow surging.

Energy savings are an additional benefit when using an ASC system. Vane re-swirl reduces blower horsepower at partial load and generates a different performance curve at each damper position. Energy costs are lowered by reduced motor amperage draw. With this in mind, the ASC can also function as a system flow regulator by connecting the control motor directly to the system demand process variable.

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