Hauck IPG Gas Pilot Burner

Hauck IPG Gas Pilot Burner

The Hauck series IPG gas pilot is a factory assembled prepiped pilot gas unit that permits easy fast installation. IPGs provide a reliable means of lighting Hauck burners and many other makes of gas and oil burners. Each pilot is designed to provide flame stability and long life under severe operating conditions including compensation for the burner and/or furnace back pressure. The IPG is available in three pilot sizes with 16 osig (6,900 Pa) capacity range of 21,800 to 80,500 Btu/hr (5.8 to 21.3 kW).

The IPG unit includes the nozzle assembly with alloy tip, flexible pipe, adjustable air/gas mixer, back-loaded gas pressure regulator, and manual air and gas shutoff valves. The optional manifold includes safety shutoff and leak test valves.

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