Hauck MOV Self-Cleaning Micro Oil Valve

Hauck MOV Self-Cleaning Micro Oil Valve

Hauck’s Self-Cleaning Micro Oil Valves are engineered to produce accurate, reproducible linear flow control of oil to any type of industrial process. The MOV valves are available in two model series. The AS Series is used for straight through piping applications while the S Series is employed where an angle valve is required. All S Series valves are UL listed. This valve is intended for flow control. It is not designed to replace a shutoff valve. For tight shutoff, a ball or solenoid valve should be provided
in the fuel supply line.

As the valve flow indicator is moved, the action of the cleaning pin clears foreign obstructions from the crescent-shaped V groove of the valve disk. This feature ensures thorough cleaning of the controlling orifice without the need to dismantle the valve. Unlike conventional valves, there is no constricted flow orifice to cause valve clogging or reduced burner firing capacity.

Precisioned Machined Flow Path.
All Hauck S and AS micro-valves are designed to ensure a linear-flow control. With a constant pressure drop across the valve, each increasing division on the dial will give a proportional increase in flow. The operator can quickly adjust the oil flow to any desired capacity since every dial position corresponds to a specific discharge rate - assuming the same pressure drop and viscosity.

Manual or Automatic.
A hand wheel provides easy manual adjustments over the entire 180º range of the dial. For automatic control, an adjustable radius lever is supplied. When using automatic control, the range of operation is limited by that of the control motor - typically 0 to 90º.

Use Any Grade Fuel Oil.
These valves will efficiently handle any grade of fuel oil, even the heaviest residual grades, provided that they are preheated to the proper viscosity and flow characteristics.

Reproducible Settings.
These valves are designed to allow accurate reproduction of desired flow rates. Once the system has been balanced and the settings recorded, it is then possible to check and exactly reset the valve if it has been altered.

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