Hauck MRO Oil-Air Ratio Regulator

Hauck MRO Oil-Air Ratio Regulator

Hauck MRO oil-air ratio regulators are designed to serve as the essential control device in a cross-connected oil-air delivery system. They support applications requiring wide turndown and/or low flow rates and repeatability. The MRO is engineered to function properly over a wide range of air pressures and may be used on either single or multiple burner applications. A constant oil pressure is required at the inlet of the regulator.

A connection is provided on the regulator for an air pressure sensing line. This line extends from the MRO to a connection on the downstream side of the air control valve in the secondary combustion air supply line. The MRO translates these air pressure variations into proportional changes in the oil pressure. The MRO automatically varies the oil pressure in exact proportion to the air delivered to the burners. Thus, the desired ratio of oil to air is constantly maintained.
Easy to Maintain.
The MRO’s modular design allows the critical parts of the regulator to be disassembled for maintenance without removing the regulator body from the oil piping. Critical elements, such as the air diaphragm and the valve cartridge, are engineered to allow them to be removed and replaced as a packaged unit which greatly reduces and simplifies maintenance requirements.

If the secondary air pressure is greater than 16 osig (6.9 kPa), an air impulse filtered bleed assembly must be installed into the air pressure sensing line to the MRO for precise control of air and fuel oil to the burners. The MRO must be preceded in the oil line by a suitable filter. Use of clean air and oil greatly enhance the operational life of the MRO.

The Hauck MRO ratio regulator can be used with No. 1 through No. 6 fuel oil. It is suitable for use with oil temperatures up to 270ºF (132ºC).

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