Hauck Oil Line Heater

Hauck Oil Line Heater

The Hauck LHO Oil Line Heater is designed to supply the heat necessary to lower the viscosity of heavy fuel oils to that required at the burner for proper atomization. This typically requires lowering the pumping viscosity (nominal
2000 SSU maximum) to the atomizing viscosity (80 - 90 SSU). Auxiliary
components can also be supplied to control fuel oil temperature and prevent
overpressurization of the oil line heater. Hauck’s LHO’s are available in a
wide range of sizes to meet specific application requirements.

Each oil line heater is composed of a steel outer shell with inlet and outlet connections for heavy fuel oil, cast iron head with inlet and outlet connections for transfer oil, 4-pass stainless steel tubes, and steel baffles. The tube bundle can be easily removed by taking of a single set of flange bolts. Each oil line heater is provided with two adjustable cradle mounting straps for supporting and bolting the heater to a foundation.

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