Hauck WHI Wall Hugger InvisiflameŽ Gas Burner

Hauck WHI Wall Hugger InvisiflameŽ Gas Burner

Hauck’s WHI Wall Hugger Invisiflame® burner is designed for applications requiring even heat distribution with no flame
impingement and low NOx emissions. The flame hugs the wall, even at high turndown ratios, allowing the burner to be placed
close to the load.

The burner’s three-staged air injection design maximizes production efficiency while minimizing NOx and CO emissions. Low excess air operation (5%) results in outstanding fuel efficiency. The WHI fires any clean industrial fuel gas with a higher heating value of 500 Btu/ft3 (19.7 MJ/nm3) or greater with ambient or preheated combustion air.

Similar to Hauck’s WHG burner, the WHI’s flat flame pattern promotes even heating by radiation from the furnace walls and roof.

The WHI can be ignited and brought to high fire with low excess air, thus reducing furnace heat-up time resulting in low CO emissions.

The burner design and performance characteristics were optimized using FLUENT® computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. The standard burner capacity ranges from 2 to 6 million Btu/hr (580 to 1,760 kW) depending on air preheat.

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