Honeywell Safire BC Series Flame Switch

Honeywell Safire BC Series Flame Switch

The Safire BC1000 Flame Switch is for monitoring the flame in gas or oil burners in intermittent operation. Four models are available with integrated amplifier for use with a UV detector or flame rod. Models available with SPDT relay output with a 1s Flame Failure Response Time (FFRT) and SPST relay output with a 3s FFRT. The Safire BC1 000 has an integrated safe start check feature and has been designed for use on commercial and industrial gas and/or oil power burners, atmospheric gas boilers, furnaces, incinerators and other gas consuming appliances.

Designed to work for 250k cycles in industrial environments under normal conditions, the Safire BC1000 is a high quality product that is compact in design to meet the same size and shape of most generalpurpose industrial relays.

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