International Gas Detectors (IGD) PGF-30 Gas Safety Shut Off System

International Gas Detectors (IGD) PGF-30 Gas Safety Shut Off System

PGF-30 Gas Interlock, Ventilation Interlock and Gas Detection Systems from IGD are a modular solution for gas safety. At the heart of the system is the PGF-30 controller itself. The gas interlock control panel/ventilation interlock control panel and its supplied pressure transmitter are used to control the gas supply via a gas solenoid valve. PGF-30 is a modular solution for gas safety designed to meet the requirements of the latest IGEM gas safety standards.

The controller ‘proves’ the integrity of the downstream gas supply by introducing a small amount of gas and then monitoring the pressure to ‘prove’ the system is leak tight. When the gas interlock control panel determines all is well, the main supply is switched on. Should the pressure fall then the system will alert to check for leaks (open gas taps etc.). PGF-30 uses a pressure transducer to directly measure the gas pressure and does not use more common pressure switches.

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