International Gas Detectors (IGD) TOC-30 Gas Leak Detector

International Gas Detectors (IGD) TOC-30 Gas Leak Detector

TOC-30 Series Safe Area Gas Detector’s from IGD are available as both legacy Analogue 4-20mA gas detectors and modern addressable versions. This series of Safe Area Gas Detectors are manufactured in rugged ABS housings which provide a number of advantages. Sealing is moulded in as part of the housing with detector and electronics in separated compartments. The detector is protected by a unique labyrinth arrangement which provides both dust and splash protection.

Additionally IGD’s TOC-30 fixed gas detection for Oxygen feature 5 year life polymer cells. These cells have an extended service life over legacy lead based cells. Our longest in-service units to date have been in operation for over 8 years providing enhanced protection whilst saving operating costs.

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