Maxon DELTA-TE III Nozzle Mix Line Burner

Maxon DELTA-TE III Nozzle Mix Line Burner

The DELTA-TE III is assembled from modular burner units and can be built to any practical length depending on required capacity and duct dimensions.
Gas and combustion air are fed separately to the burner and mixed at the burner nozzle. The optimum mixing of gas and combustion air guarantees complete combustion, even under inert conditions.
A major attribute of this burner is its excellent flame stability under all firing conditions. The pilot burner ignites the main burner at one of the burner ends.
The flame spreads over the total burner length almost instantly due to the thorough mixing of the fuel gas and combustion air. Cross-ignition is guaranteed by the special way the individual gas and air ports are positioned in relation to each other.

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