Pietro Fiorentini FIO (Five-In-One) Regulator

Pietro Fiorentini FIO (Five-In-One) Regulator

FIO (Five In One) Smart Gas Pressure Regulators allow to remotely control the pressure reduction stations of a natural gas distribution network.

The specific feature of FIO gas pressure regulators is the integration of 5 functions in one single battery-operated device:

[IFM] Indirect Flow Measurement: performed in a non "intrusive mode", instead of traditional measurement device, by means of the values correlations of the pressures and of the relevant displacement of the plug.

[OPC] Outlet Pressure Control: of these gas pressure regulators, that is to say the control of the outlet pressure point, remotely or locally, in compliance with a daily/weekly program or compensated according to flow demand.

[FL] Flow Rate Limitation: by acting on the outlet pressure in order to keep the delivered flow rate below a configurable limit; it replaces the mechanical limiting devices without any intrusive component and any pressure loss under standard operating conditions.

[RM] Remote: Monitoring of meaningful parameters of the group functionally and safety (inlet and outlet pressure, safety valve, filters clogging, monitor take over, SSV trip, intrusion, gas leakages).

[EUM] End User Management: that means an interruption of supply to the users in case of emergency or in case of arrearages.

FIO Smart Gas Pressure Regulators are designed to be applied to Fiorentini regulators.

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