Santin N-BFN Burner

Santin N-BFN Burner

N-BFN is a new series designed for industrial furnaces in iron and steel industries, in the fusion and treatment of precious metals, non ferrous metals, light alloys and all industrial alloys. They are also suitable for warm air generators and drying plants, in ceramic, glass and clay manufacturing, paint industries, industrial ladles, for post-combustion thermic plants, in plastic industries and paper manufactory.

N-BFN is a low emissions series and thanks to aluminium and cast iron burner house it offers robust and reliable performance.

N-BFN is available in the following versions:

N-BFN- Standard flame with standard Stainless Steel cone 310S
N-BFN-FF – Flat flame with concrete block FF as optional
N-BFN-HV – High velocity with SIC Tube
N-BFN-HT – High temperature with Concrete block

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