Santin RTFire 891 892 1401 Burner

Santin RTFire 891 892 1401 Burner

RTFire Burners are designed to fire radiant and immersion tubes. RTFire can reach 500 KW and can get great performance with efficient heat transfer and more precise and uniform tube temperatures.

RTFIRE is a low emissions series and thanks to aluminium and cast iron house RTFire offers robust and reliable performance.

                               kW                 Fuel            Gas-Air Conn       Flame detection         Ignition       Material  
RTFIRE891            Max 90          NG/LPG      G ½ - A 1 ½         Flame rod / UV           8 KV          Aluminium / Cast Iron  
RTFIRE892            Max 210        NG/LPG      G ¾ - A 2             Flame rod / UV           8KV           Aluminium / Cast Iron  
RTFIRE1401          Max 500        NG/LPG      G 1- ½ - A 3         Flame rod / UV           8KV           Aluminium / Cast Iron 

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