Systronik CAPBs Interchangeable Sensor Unit

Systronik CAPBs Interchangeable Sensor Unit

The name CAPBs® stands for "capabilities" to denote the outstanding, versatile features of this line of products. CAPBs® can be used to extend the BlueLine measuring instruments by the measured variable provided by the CAPBs®. 

The SYSTRONIK CAPBs® constitute a modular system consisting of the universal base handle CAPBs® STm and an application-specific sensor module CAPBs® sens for a wide variety of measured variables such as pressure, temperature, humidity. The base handle can be combined with any sensor module to form a complete CAPBs® measuring unit.

The measured values are transferred via Bluetooth® technology. The BlueLine measuring instrument or the EuroSoft live app on your smartphone or tablet display, evaluate and log the measured values.

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