Systronik EUROLYZER STx Analyser

Systronik EUROLYZER STx Analyser

The handy, highly efficient EUROLYZER STx is a consistent, uncompromising further evolution of the flue gas analyser of the EUROLYZER series which has proven successful with professional customers for many years. The ergonomic EUROLYZER STx offers a multitude of functions and features for installation, inspection and servicing of conventional and modern heating systems. This flue gas analyser excels with high accuracy, comprehensive functionality and intuitive userfriendliness Accurate measurements of, for example, O2 (oxygen concentration), COH2 (carbon monoxide), NO (nitrogen monoxide), (combustion and flue gas) temperature, pressure (draft) and differential pressure as well as precise calculation of various parameters such as lambda, combustion efficiency (Eta), flue gas loss (qA), dew point, NOx (nitrogen dioxide) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) make EUROLYZER STx an indispensable instrument in the daily work of professionals.

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