TPI 100-EZ Multimeter

TPI 100-EZ Multimeter

TPI 100-EZ is simple to use, no more guessing what function to switch your multimeter to the 100-EZ does it automatically. 

Automatically switches between ACV, DCV, and ohms (resistance). Benefit: Simple to use. Meter selects function and range, just connect the leads to the device under test.

Single button operation. Benefit: Easy to use. Enables users with limited knowledge to perform tests safely.

0 to 600 volts AC and DC. Benefit: Enough range to safely perform measurements.

10 MΩ internal impedance. Benefit: High impedance prevents inaccurate reading caused by circuit loading.

Auto power off. Benefit: Increases battery life by turning off the multimeter when not in use.

4,000 count display

Up to 40MΩ

cULus 61010-1

CAT II – 1000V, CAT III – 600V

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