TPI 721 LEL Combustible Gas Leak Detector

TPI 721 LEL Combustible Gas Leak Detector

Model 721 LEL Combustible Gas Leak Detector
Offers 10ppm sensitivity to detect combustible gasses.
> Combustible Gas Leak Detector capable of displaying real ppm, stepped ppm, and %LEL (Lower Explosive Limit). 
> 10ppm sensitivity (methane) 
> Detect combustible gases including natural gas, propane, butane, etc. 
> Thumbwheel adjustable tic rate to locate leaks quickly and accurately. 
> Two line display with bargraph and backlight 
> Audio / Visual alarm indication with user adjustable alarm point. 
> Earphone jack for use in noisy environments. 
> Approximately 20 hours of continuous use (C cell alkaline batteries x2) 

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