ACCUTHERM INTERNATIONAL is a specialist company supplying high-quality components and engineering services to the gas sector.


Australian owned with strategic alliances with leading global gas technology and component companies. These highly engineered products are selected for those seeking superior quality and reliability.

Our wide range of components and engineering solutions will be most suitable for your gas production, transmission, distribution and utilisation applications.

Offering support from concept to delivery, you choose what level of engineering you may require, from technical enquiries to total project management.

Accutherm is committed to offering green alternative options and encourages the most efficient and environmentally suitable choice. Our engineers can help you with your selection.

The strong support from our international partner companies permits us unique access to the experts on the application and product engineering. This experience combined with our own company's local expertise and extensive hands-on knowledge of the gas industry adds to our strength. Our management and engineering staff have acquired considerable skills over many years of designing, manufacturing, project managing, installing, commissioning and servicing gas equipment systems.

Accutherm is an ISO9001-2008 accredited company who can offer engineering solutions that meet the stringent Standards you may require.

Contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance to you.